A Cockney ding dong
A mill in the black forrest
A nightingale sang in Berkeley square	
A palorma pasodoble
A walk in the black forrest
A whiter shade of pale
Abide with me
Acaballo he (Cuban music)		
Accordeon musette waltz
Adelheid march
Adios Oninos tango (Piazzola)
Aimer toujours waltz
Allo, allo (tune van de TV serie)
Alte garde march
Alte Kameraden (Old Comrades) march
Amor de mis amores
Amour au printemps (Love in spring) waltz
Amsterdam Parijs waltz
An angel from Arnhem tango (de Ruijter)
Andrews sisters medley
Angelique Serenade (de Ruijter)
Angels (Robbie Williams)
Angelus prayer
Annie Laurie
Arriverderci Roma 
Asta Nielsen waltz
At the copacabana
Auf Wiedersehen 
B B swing
Bach goes to town
Badner Madel (Girls from Baden) operette
Beautiful Zierikzee march
Be my boogie woogie baby
Begin de beguine
Belmonte, pasodoble
Bel Viso pasodoble
Black bottom
Blue bayou
Bohemian Rhapsodie (Queen)
Bonfire waltz
Cafe Mozart waltz (Karas)
California blue (Roy Orbinson)
California Dreaming 
Can Can
Cara Mia waltz
Cara Mia why must we say goodbye
Carolina Shout
Caroussel waltz
Caroussel, flute sonata by Godard
Catharina Rumba
Celina (Rumba J.K. de Ruijter) 
Charleston medley
Chery pink an apple blossom white
Chicken reel     
Chianty song
China Nights (Nuits de Chine)
Choo Chooch' boogie
Clair (gilbert o'Sullivan)
Clarinet polka
Cliff Richard medley
Colonel Bogey march
Could it be magic (Barry Manilow)
Cuban Pete rumba
Czardas by Monti
Dambusters march
Dantone serenade
Dans ton amour
Das Glück kam zu mir wie ein Traum
Death or glory march
Der Student geht vorbei
Der Wind hat mir ein Lied erzählt (tango)
Dixie souvenir
Dizzy fingers
Dollarprincess waltz
Doll dance/ Wedding of the painted doll
Domino waltz
Dorfsmusikanten polka
Dorus medley 
Drunt in der Lobau
Edelweiss from Sound of Music
Edith Piaf medley
El granada march
El Mirador
Elle a mis son smoking
Eternal Flame (Bangles)
Einmal sagt man sich adieu (slow waltz)
Evergreen medley 1
Evergreen medley 2
Falderie Faldera
Fawlty towers tune
Fidler on the roof selection
Fisaorgana waltz
Flitterwachen musette waltz
Flying Eagle march (Blankenburg)
Flying notes musette waltz
Foxtrot medley 1 
Foxtrot medley 2 (Chicago etc.)
Foxtrot medley 3 (My Bleu heaven)
Foxtrot medley 4 (It don't mean a thing if you)
From night to light march
Frühlingseinzug (Entry of spring) march
George Formby medley
Gestolen Kappie march (de Ruijter)
Ghostriders in the sky
Godfather waltz
Gonna fly now (from Rocky)
Grandfathers clock
Grandma's safe (polka song)
Gouda march
Grasshoppers dance
Greatings from Breda march (Carl Frei)
Greetings from Castricum March (de Ruijter)
Hans Albers March (Carl Frei)
Happy Days are here again
Harinkie serenade
Harry Lime theme
Hawaiien waltz
Heal the world (Michael jackson)
Hello Mary Lou
Herbstweisen waltz
Het leven is goed in ons Brabandse land
Heut ist der schonste Tag
Hi ho silver lining
Hillbilly rock
Hillegondawaltz (de Ruijter)
'l Hirondelle de Faubourg (waltz)
Hoch Heidecksburg march
Hochzeitsregen waltz (paul Lincke)
Home on the range
Hommerson march
Hook of Holland march
How much is that doggie in the window
Hungarian dance dans no 5 (Brahms)
Hungarian march
Hup hup hup Olympiade (march)
I don"t wanna lose you  (Tina Turner)
Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel hinein
If I had a talking picture of you
If I knew Suzy
I'll go where the music takes me
I'll think of you
I'll walk alone
Immer wieder Sonntags
Im treue Fest march
Im Weissen Rössl
I'm yours (Elvis Presley)
In de haven klinkt een lied
In dreams (Roy Orbinson)
Insieme a te (A. Saffino)
In the Alhambra gardens (Dans les jardins)
In the mood
In the silver sands of Waikiki
Island in the sun
It's now or never (Oh sole mio)
Island is the sun
Jan Poldermans march   
Je bent nog niet gelukkig met een mooie vrouw
Jolanda boogie
Joseph Schmidt medley
Joy on the mountains ( austrian waltz)
Jubilee March (Carl Frei)
K.M.K march
Karntner Liedermarch 
Kiss me Kate selectie
Klar zum Gefecht march
Kleiner Mohr (foxtrot)
Kopenhagen foxtrot
Kurz und Gut polka
La Golondrina (Mexican song)
La montagne
La vie en rose
Lachendes Leben march
L'amour est un bouquet de violettes (waltz)
La tourterelle polka
Le merle Blanc
Les rives (french musette waltz)
Lesson One
Let me entertain you (Robbie Williams)
Let's fall in love
Let's twist againx
Lichelle Mazurka (de Ruijter)
Liebesfreud (Kreisler)
Liebesleid (Kreisler)
Lili marlene
Lollipop lollipop
Louis Holvoet march
Love and marriage
Ma, he's making eyes at me
Mamatschi (German song)
Mambo Italiano
Mambo no 5
Mandolino tango
March of the medics (dutch famous march)
Maria my own
Marco Borsato medley
Mary Poppins selection
Medley by dutch singer Eddie Christiani
Medley of the 60's
Memories (uit Cats)
Memories are made of this
Michelle (Beatles)
Mill in the black forrest
Mister sandman
Mit Laut und Fidel, german march medley
Mobilisatie march
Moon River
Moonlight (slow foxtrot)
Moonlight and roses
Mother how are you today
Musette waltz
Music of the rain (Musique de la pluie)
My boy Lollypop
My way
Mister Sandman
My prayer
My way
Narcissus (Nevin)
Naughty Waltz
New York New York (Frank Sinatra)
No bussiness like showbussiness
No matter what
No milk today
Nobody like you (Dutch waltz)
Nocturne Chopin
Noel Coward medley
Nur eine Nacht sollst du mir gehören
Objection  (Shakira)
Oh Amsterdam
Oh Balthazar
Oh Honolulu rumba
Oh Johnny waltz
Oh Marie (Swing version)
Oh mia babbino caro (Puccini)
Ohne dich tango
Oh Sole mio
Oh Yvonne waltz (de Ruijter)
Old Comrades march
Old Mac Donald had a farm
Oliver, selectie uit
On a Persian market (as a foxtrot)
On mother Kelly's doorstep
On the Amsterdam canals
On the goodship Lollypop
Once upon a dream (from Sleeping Beauty)
Only you
Operette medley
Over the rainbow
Parade of the tin soldiers
Paris, le soleil du monde
Peanut vendor
Pearlfisher opera selection
Phantombrigade march
Picador March (Sousa)
Piove (Chiao chiao bambino) (boogie woogie)
Pola Negri march
Pomp and Circumstance march (Elgar)
Pour un flirt 
Prinz Eitel Friedrichs march
Prinz Heinrich march
Prinzessin march
Puttin' on the Ritz
Que sera sera
Radetzky march
Ragnhild tango (de Ruijter)
Raupenbahn march
Red roses waltz (dutch)
Children of the regiment march
Reine de musette waltz
Rheinlandmadel (march)
Rheinlandpotpourri (waltzmedley)
Rock and roll is here to stay
Rock around the clock
Romke de Waard march (de Ruijter)
Rosamunde (Schubert)
Rosa rosa nina
Rosita mia
Roswhita tango	(de Ruijter)
Roy Orbinson selection
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
Rythm of the rain
Sabre dance
Sail along silvry moon
Salem aleikum
Salto Mortale march
Salut au printemps march
Samba Medley 2
Sambamedley (Brazil, enz)
Samson & Dalilah
Sanctuary of the heart
Sasje (waltz song)
Scala march
Schatzwalzer (Strauss)
Schon ist's bei dem Soldaten
Schubler choral (Bach)
Schutzenliessl march
Schwarzwalder Bub'n
Scotch polka
Scott Joplin medley
Second Waltz 
Sensation Foxtrot (Will Glahé)
She believes in me
She's the one (Robbie Williams)
Siamese Wachtparade
Sigmund Romberg selecton
Simon and Garfunkelmedley
Sirenenzauber waltz (Waldteufel)
Sleepy Lagoon (rumba)
Smoke gets in your eyes
Snowwhite (selection)
Soldiers in the park
Soldiersmarch (Frei)
Someone to watch over me
Sons of the brave
Sous le ciel de Paris
South of the border
Spagnola wals
Spanish eyes
Spanish Rider march (Frei)
Spanish march by J. Rixner
Stay with me till tomorrow (Vicky Brown)
Stern von Rio tango
Stop in the name of love (Supremes)
Streichholz wachtparade
Sudliches Feuer
Susanne (Herman van Veen)
Sway rumba
Swing waltz
Sylvestra samba
Take me home, country roads
Tandenborstel jive
Tango by Albinez
Tango medley
Te deum by Charpentier (Eurovision tune)
Tea for two
Techtriumph march
Teletubbies theme
Telstar (The Tornados)
Tessiner Bergenleben waltz
Thank you for the music
That's amore waltz (Dean Martin)
The beauty and the beast
The king and I selection
The little train (rumba)
The music goes round and round
Theo van Zutphen march (de Ruijter)
The road to Mandalay (Robbie Williams)
The Roeland bell from Gent (Belgian waltz)
Therese tango (de Ruijter)
The Godfather waltz
The rose
The small cafe on the harbour waltz
The umbrella man
Theme from "Allo Allo"
Theo van Zutphen mars (de Ruijter)
There is the organ man
Thérèse tango (de Ruijter)
This ole house
Thousend red roses (frans Bauer)
Through night to light march
Tico Tico
To love again
Tolzer Schutzen march
Tonia Rumba (de Ruijter)
Too much tequila rumba
Toon Roos march (de Ruijter)
Toothbrush (jive)
Triller Boogie
Trumpet echo march
Una paloma blanca 
Un coeur de femme rumba
Unter dem Grillenbanner mars
Untern Linden march
Valse brun
Valse d'été
VDDL samba (de Ruijter)
Veleta waltz
Verborgen smarten
Vienna forever (Wien bleibt Wien) march
Violetera, La (tango by Padilla)
Viva Torero
Varieté March
Voice of the guns march
Vredesbond March (Frei)
Waldmansheil (German march)
Walk of life
Waltz from Maritana (Wallace)
Washington grays march
Washington Post mars  
Was  machts du mit dem Knie, lieber Hans                     
We are the champions
We'll meet again
Wenn ein Torero verliebt ist (paso dobe)
What does it matter (Irving Berlin)
When the organ disappears from Amsterdam 
When I'm sixty four
When the red red robin comes 
Who stole my heart away
Why did you leave me (rumba)
Wiener Burger waltz
Wiener Madl'n waltz
Wiener Schwalben march
Willy Fritsch mars
Winnie the Pooh
Winter Wonderland
Woman in love (Barbara Streisand)
Wonderful World
Woody Woodpecker song
You are always in my heart
You'll never walk alone
You're my world
You're not happy with a beautiful woman (jive) 
Yvonne, slow waltz
Zandbergse samba
Zhivago, love theme
Zu gu du gu